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The Number One Cybersecurity Target: Healthcare Industry

In today's interconnected world, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for every sector. However, one industry stands out as the...

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Know and Understand Your Cyber Enemy

Have you ever wondered who is targeting healthcare organizations with cyberattacks? The healthcare industry is one of the most attractive...

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HICP405(d): HIPAA Suggested Cybersecurity Best Practices

Recently Mike Pietig, General Manager of CompliancePro Solutions, and Chris Lyons, Director of Cybersecurity with CompliancePro Solutions...

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HIPAA: Does Being Compliant Make You Secure?

Recently Mike Pietig, GM of CompliancePro Solutions, sat down with Christopher Lyons, Director of Cybersecurity, to discuss the...

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Get Smart About Cybersecurity - Security White Paper

Get Smart About Cybersecurity 10 Tips That Will Improve Your Security Resilience on Any Budget Formidable cyber resilience comes from...

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Why Concerns Over Generative AI Security Risks Are Real

For several months, social media, news articles, and virtual office “watercoolers” have been buzzing with stories and speculations of...

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Why Should Organizations Make Preventing Insider Breaches a Top Priority?

“If you organization didn’t observe a proportional increase in attempted or actual data loss, then you were likely not looking."~ Insider...

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Healthcare Orgs Challenged to Secure Cyber Insurance

The global cyber insurance market is expected to top $25 billion by 2026—in 2020, it was valued at just $8 million. In its early years,...

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Visit the CPS Booth at ITEXPO 2023

We are excited to be a sponsor and exhibit at #ITEXPO Florida 2023 – part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW! ITEXPO is the one event that brings...

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2021 HITECH Act Amendment: OCR Required to Consider Recognized Security Practices

How has the 2021 HITECH Act amendment affected enforcement discretion for the HIPAA Security Rule regarding recognized security practices...

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