The recent HCCA’s 28th Annual Compliance Institute event provided invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare compliance, particularly in light of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).  

Here are the team's top 6 takeaways from the event

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Embracing AI Amidst Uncertainty 

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniable, and its impact is here to stayCompliance officers must embrace AI while protecting patient information as a top priority. Throughout the event, it was evident that AI permeates every aspect of healthcare compliance. However, many attendees expressed uncertainty about integrating AI into their compliance processes. The absence of standardized guidelines means that each organization is navigating this terrain independently, highlighting the need for clearer regulatory frameworks.

We were thrilled to host the track session “How Has AI Impacted Your Privacy Program? Think it Hasn’t? Think Again!” with our very own Micki Jernigan, SVP of Privacy and Compliance at CompliancePro Solutions, along with  Karen Reynolds, Director and Privacy Officer at North Kansas City Hospital. It was a huge success. There was lots of engagement from the audience, commiserating about the uncertainty around AI and how to best go about embracing it as privacy and compliance officers.   

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Picture: Micki Jernigan from CompliancePro Solutions, and Karen Reynolds from North Kansas City Hospital

Challenges Faced by Legal Professionals

Reflecting the complex legal landscape in healthcare, legal professionals constituted a significant portion of attendees. The majority collaborate with teams responsible for compliance and privacy yet often find themselves overwhelmed with other organizational responsibilities splitting their focus from the critical support necessary for successful compliance and privacy programs.  In our world of privacy and compliance, we should not forget our legal colleagues.  

Struggles of Small Compliance Teams

Another recurring theme observed was the struggle of compliance and privacy professionals working in small teams or as the sole representatives within their organizations. Despite their pivotal roles, these individuals often lack adequate resources and support, exacerbating the challenges they face.  We heard many times how they are seeking solutions to automate existing processes and templates to help them increase capacity.  Services-based solutions can do this on their own, only a platform solution. 

Persistence of Traditional Tools

Surprisingly, the use of traditional tools like spreadsheets for compliance and privacy management remains prevalent among small to mid-sized organizations. This reliance on outdated methods underscores the need for greater adoption of modern technologies to overcome privacy and compliance challenges and streamline processes. 

Importance of Policy Management

Policy management remains a critical aspect of healthcare compliance, with an emphasis placed on the need for tools to support annual editing, reviewing, and updating. Effective policy management is integral to maintaining regulatory compliance and mitigating risks within healthcare organizations.  If it’s been more than a year since you reviewed your policies and procedures, it is time.

Networking Opportunities and Insights

In addition to informative sessions and presentations, the event provided valuable networking opportunities for attendees to exchange insights, best practices, and challenges faced in their respective roles. Our team had the opportunity to meet with many of our existing customers, partners, and friends. 


Picture: Karen Reynolds from North Kansas City Hospital, Micki Jernigan from CompliancePro Solutions, and Tammy R. Middleton from Chickasaw Nation Department of Health 


"The annual event continues to demonstrate how informed HCCA members are and the challenges they face every day in their organizations.  The opportunity to collaborate and learn from others is invaluable.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year in Las Vegas"

                                                           - Mike Pietig, General Manager, CompliancePro Solutions


Looking Ahead


As we reflect on the 28th Annual HCCA Compliance Institute, it's evident that technological advancements, regulatory developments, and collaborative efforts within the industry will influence the future of healthcare compliance. Organizations must embrace innovative solutions. By adopting technological products and solutions, they can efficiently and effectively navigate the complexities of healthcare compliance. 

At Genzeon and CompliancePro Solutions, we truly understand the dreams and hurdles that healthcare privacy and compliance leaders encounter as they strive to make a difference. Our goal is to equip them with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to conquer these challenges and unleash the full potential of their organizations in safeguarding patient data.  




We are super excited about our upcoming joint webinar with the North Carolina Health Information Management Association(NCHIMA). Join us for an insightful session as Micki Jernigan, SVP of Privacy and Compliance, at ComliancePro Solutions will present "Navigating AI in Healthcare: Balancing Innovation with Privacy Risks".

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, but it also raises significant concerns about patient privacy and data protection. This webinar will shed light on the critical point where AI innovation meets privacy risks within our healthcare system.



Date and Time: May 22, 2024, 12 PM – 1 PM (EST)

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Note: This program is eligible for 1 CEU approved by AHIMA.


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