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Rollout of PrivacyPro's Next Generation Platform

by paul'

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As has been previously announced in prior emails, development has been completed on a major new version of PrivacyPro. New versions of the following applications are available and are all based on the single, highly configurable, next generation platform.

  • Privacy Incident Tracking
  • Security Incident Tracking
  • Amendment Requests
  • Restriction Requests
  • Accounting of Disclosures
  • Other Issues
  • Custom Applications

The new platform includes far greater customization options, giving users more control in customizing these applications to the specific needs of their organization. Action items have been significantly enhanced to include workflow rules. Each application can now include customizable forms to automate the creation of standard letters and reports about a case. Common features will now work identically across all of the above applications. Customers will be able to create entirely new custom applications to address other areas of compliance (GRC, HR, GDPR, etc).

We are nearing the completion of migrating all customers to the new version of Privacy Incident Tracking and are providing each site with a 1-1 training session to become familiar with the new application. Phase 2 of the migration will include new versions of Security Incident Tracking and Other Issues and a training video will be provided. Phase 3 will include Amendments and Restrictions and, in the final Phase 4, we will migrate users to the new version of Accounting of Disclosures (AOD). This new version will include the ability to proactively log disclosures outside the context of an AOD request.

Other PrivacyPro Enhancements:

Here are some other recent enhancements beyond those included with the new platform:

BA Request Web Page - The BA Tracking application now includes a “web request page” that can be used by non-PrivacyPro users to request a new BA Agreement. This is setup under the BA Application Admin. Contact us for further information.

User Merge Feature - A master administrator can now merge two no-login users into a single user, while maintaining all their existing case associations. This is an excellent way to clean up duplicate or incorrect no-login users.

Assessments by Assessor Filter and Analytic - The Assessments home page now allows you to filter Assessments by the person who completed the Assessment, known as the Assessor. There is also a new “Assessments by Assessor” graph on the Analytics tab.

Kelly McLendon