About the Organization

This academic medical center system nearly 150 locations throughout a southern state and employs roughly over 10,000 employees, making it the state’s largest employer. Together with its health sciences university, the organization provides world-class healthcare for a broad range of specialties.


What They Needed

What They Implemented What They Gained
To upgrade their “homegrown,” outdated solution that internal IT
reluctantly supports.
CompliancePro’s SaaS solution to track and respond to all HIPAA
privacy incidents.
The ability to run reports, streamline workflows, easily extract and
analyze data, and make improvements based on data.


The Story

After suffering a breach that affected more than 500 patients, AMC1 decided it was time to replace their clunky, out-of-date solution that was originally built by a non-programmer.

With the lack of automation, the medical facility’s workflows were inefficient and timeconsuming. They were also losing random documented case files and had no way to extract and analyze data.

“Operating without a solution like [CompliancePro Solutions] is like asking the business to operate without Word or Excel.”

- HIPAA Privacy Officer Academic Medical Center 01

The healthcare organization called on CompliancePro Solutions to help. CPS’s automated solution streamlined the facility’s workflows, boosting efficiency and accuracy. Now armed with convenient dashboards and insightful reports, AMC1 had the power to pluck data and analysis it to reveal telling patterns that could help avoid issues and make improvements, such as those based on common violations or high incident areas.

The organization could also now leave behind their largely manual risk assessments for more efficient, effective automated assessments. 

CompliancePro Solutions