[EXTON, PA, February 14, 2024] — CompliancePro Solutions (CPS), a Genzeon company, and a leading provider of patient privacy and security compliance software to healthcare organizations, is pleased to announce the launch of their new analytics product, CPS Insights.

As a new add-on module to the CompliancePro Privacy Program Management platform, CPS Insights is a vital analytics and visualization tool for operational reporting needs. CPS Insights helps organizations efficiently analyze data and identify trends for privacy program management, providing clear visualization on a wide variety of metrics and data elements.

“Our goal with CPS Insights was to create an easy-to-use, flexible analytics platform to support data-driven decision making,” said Derek Walker, VP of Product at CompliancePro Solutions. “CPS Insights represents a significant leap forward in analytics technology for our privacy and security customers, and we believe it will become an indispensable resource for privacy and security compliance teams.”

PrivacyIncidents Dashboard - Categorizations


Key Features of CPS Insights:

  • Comprehensive Dashboards
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Expanded Metrics
  • Drill-through Capabilities
  • Unified Action Items
  • Dashboard Ad-hoc Data Exploration
  • Natural Language and AI-driven Q&A

"At CompliancePro Solutions, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation," stated Mike Pietig, General Manager, CompliancePro Solutions. “CPS Insights fulfills our promise to deliver high-quality solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers and their data.”

PrivacyIncidents Dashboard - Period Comparisons

In Q4 of 2023, CompliancePro Solutions recruited existing customers to participate in beta testing of the new analytics features and functionality. Initial feedback from early adopters indicated that CPS Insights significantly reduces time spent manually creating reports and graphs. Those adopters also mentioned that the product is intuitive and easy to use.

"CPS Insights represents a significant leap forward in analytics technology for our privacy and security customers"

-- Derek Walker, VP of Product

CPS Insights is available starting February 14, but requires an existing license with the CompliancePro Solutions platform. A first-look webinar is being hosted on February 21 at 2pm EST. Furthermore, attendees of the 2024 HCCA Compliance Institute will get an in-person demonstration of the CPS Insights module at CompliancePro Solutions’ booth #608.

More information can be found at: https://www.complianceprosolutions.com/insights.



About CompliancePro Solutions:

CompliancePro Solutions (CPS) was founded in 2011 to focus on the growing need for technology and services to address patient privacy and security. Our web-based tools reduce both the costs and risks associated with managing the privacy of patient data and handling HIPAA mandated requests. CPS also provides privacy and incident management, privacy risk analysis, training, and consulting services to all sizes of healthcare organizations and business associates. CompliancePro Solutions is a subsidiary of Genzeon, a leading provider of digital engineering, intelligent automation, security, compliance, cloud, and managed services. For more information: https://www.complianceprosolutions.com.

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