About the Organization

Knowtion Health is a healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) company that harnesses machine-learning automation to maximize revenue collection and streamline claims management inefficiencies.


“It's like having an automated spreadsheet. The software also gives me peace of mind that I'm using a product that is compliant and structured based on the [HIPAA] rules.

- Denitsa Pocheva-Smith, Esq., CHC Assistant General Counsel and HIPAA Privacy Officer | Knowtion Health


What They Needed

What They Implemented What They Gained
An efficient, reliable means of performing privacy and security risk assessment and documenting incidents.

CompliancePro’s SaaS solution to perform automated security and privacy risk assessments and track all security and privacy incidents.

Enhanced efficiency and functionality to gather, extract, and track security and privacy data and perform risk assessments with automated capabilities.


The Story

Knowtion Health had been managing all their risk assessments and incident tracking on paper and spreadsheets. This manual process was cumbersome, particularly when they needed to extract a specific data set. Their growing organization needed to “get to the next level” with a reliable, efficient way to perform formal risk assessments and document privacy and security incidents.

CompliancePro Solutions (CPS) walked Assistant General Counsel and HIPAA Privacy Officer, Denitsa Pocheva-Smith, and her team through the entire assessment process using CompliancePro’s automated SaaS solution and shepherded the team through the assessment questions, making notes and observations.

“It really helps us collect the information and have it available to us in a user-friendly way. We can pull reports, we can see trends-it's all in one place.

- Denitsa Pocheva-Smith, Esq., CHC

Once the reports were produced, the team reviewed them and was able to triage the issues the assessment revealed. Denitsa said, “It was a process of us walking through it together. And then taking that information and internally following up on it. It wasn't [CPS CCO] Kelly just doing it on his own, coming back with a report.” She said the collaboration helped them zero in on the important issues, and that was the really valuable part. 

The teams now also use the platform to document all privacy and security incidents, allowing them to easily track and search quickly. The third-party assessment allowed the security and privacy teams to approach and follow through on their risk management with more objectivity. The incident tracking capability also granted Knowtion Health better insight and access.

The team input all historical privacy and security data into the platform and “switched over to the system completely, and everything goes through CompliancePro.”

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