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6 Ways Your Organization Can Diminish Patient OCR Complaints and Boost Compliance

Are healthcare organizations doing all they can to protect patients’ privacy and civil rights? According to the Office for Civil Rights...

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Soaring Premiums, Stringent Parameters: Healthcare Orgs Challenged to Secure Cyber Insurance

The global cyber insurance market is expected to top $25 billion by 2026—in 2020, it was valued at just $8 million. In its early years,...

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OCR Warns HIPAA-Covered Entities of Online Tracking Tools

Recent healthcare breaches—and subsequent lawsuits—at the hands of online tracking software have motivated the Office for Civil Rights...

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2021 HITECH Act Amendment: OCR Required to Consider Recognized Security Practices

How has the 2021 HITECH Act amendment affected the HIPAA Security Rule regarding recognized security practices (RSP) enforcement...

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The Sequoia Project: A Wealth of Resources for Health Information Exchange

Interoperability and compliance are critical components of the healthcare industry. They can also be complex and confusing. The Sequoia...

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FTC Fails to Enforce Its Health Breach Notification Rule

One would expect those who create rules to stand firmly as the strictest adherents. However, that’s not always so. And the FTC has been...

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Is Your Healthcare Prepared for Ransomware’s Evolving Threats?

A faceless attacker infiltrates a company’s computer network … encrypts its data … and suddenly …  ‘access denied.’ No one can retrieve...

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EHI Task Force | Talking About PHI Podcast

Originally posted on the Talking About PHI Podcast page from CV Strategic Marketing.

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Protecting Your Practice with a First-Class HIPAA Program

Register Now for this Webinar Series - February 24 With the rise of online appointments and telehealth accompanied by the upcoming changes...

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Privacy on the Global Stage

Co-written by CompliancePro’s Managing Director, Kelly McLendon, this comprehensive article for the Journal of AHIMA examines how other...

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